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Opinions Needed…

I’ve been thinking. Dangerous I know, but bare with me.

Most of the books I write are romance books; or at least have romance at their core. They span a range of romance subgenres such as contemporary, erotic, and young adult. It’s been making me wonder…

I’m currently writing the first book in a possible 5 book series that has no romance at it’s core. I want to get as many of the series written as I can, so that I can release them fairly close together so there isn’t a long wait between each book.

The problem I’m having, is how I categorise the books.

The rough series synopsis is that it revolves around a boyband who win a televised talent show and their personal and professional lives beyond. Each book will be from the point of view of each band member.

I have no idea how well this series will be received, but it is a series that I really want to write.

Here’s a little snippet from book one which is still being written:

“I honestly thought it was going to be us this time.” Josh spoke quietly, but we all heard him as if he’d shouted. “I’ve never felt so sick in my life.”

Brad put one of his hands, calloused from playing his guitar, on Josh’s shoulder.

“Me too mate, me too.” He spoke just as softly.

Is this series something you would read? I’m honestly interested in your opinion.


The Exchange Series – An update.

I’d never planned to write a series because I was always worried that I’d never be able to maintain one, but with so many people writing standalone series’, I decided to give it a go.

Admittedly, I copped out a little with The Exchange Series, because they’re all shorts (around 10k each roughly), but I’ve enjoyed it.

Dear Diary and Reluctance are already available, while book three – Repentence – is awaiting formatting and as soon as it’s ready will be released. The fourth – Dear John – is currently with pre readers. This will be the final book in the series, and in the new year, I will be working on combining them into an omnibus paperback.

I have to admit, I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the reception these books have received and a lot of the comments concern the way they’ve been written (diary and journal entries). I’m always pushing myself to be a little bit different where I can, and this format just worked. I will say now though, Repentence and Dear John are not the same format, but they are both different from a straight narrative.

Hopefully, both will be released soon, and I hope you love them as much as I’ve loved writing them.

Here are a couple of short teasers from both:


When his mom first told him a British chick was coming to stay with them, Tyler had been like a shark tasting fresh blood. He was going to charm her into his bed, then let her head back home, he hadn’t forseen her coming back thanks to his brother knocking her up. What choice did any of them have but to have her in the house, this time permanently?

“Hey, where d’you go just then?” Anna’s question brought his attention back to the present. Once again he could feel the warm sand on his bare feet and her small form in his arms. He smiled down at her.

“Sorry, I was thinking about home.” He bent to capture her lips with his own. The kiss making his heart rate pick up as every other kiss they’d shared had done. When he boarded the plane back in Arizona, he’d never expected much to happen on his vacation. He’d planned on lounging on the beach during the day, and drinking in bars in the evenings, but as he was checking into his hotel, he’d spotted Anna struggling with her bags and from the moment he’d helped her into the elevator, his plans had changed.

Plans that had never included falling in love with someone in a two week period.


Dear John:

“As many of you know, I spent a lot of time over in the UK. During my time there, I made many contacts with teachers in schools and one such contact has agreed to take part in this project with us. Inside these envelopes, you will find a name and address of your counterpart at a high school in Brighton, a town on the south coast of England. You will, over the entire semester, exchange letters with them and learn about them, their family, and the culture they associate themselves with in the UK. At the end of the semester, you will present your letters— so keep copies of those you mail out via myself and the school, after all, we don’t expect you to pay for postage to the UK.”

I stared at him, unsure what the point of this assignment was. We’d all learnt how to write letters years ago.

“In this technological age, handwritten letters are a rarity and this saddens me, so I aim to bring them back; even if only for one semester. Maybe some of you will end up with a pen pal for life and continue to correspond with them after this project is over. I predict that many of you will drop your correspondent like a hot potato once the semester is over, but as long as you learn something from them, that is your prerogative. You may open your envelopes.”

The sound of tearing paper filled the air. I slid the single sheet out. The only thing printed on it was:

                    John Davids
                   c/o 78-92 Falmer Academy
                   Falmer Road
                   East Sussex
                   BN2 3FF

Groaning to myself at not getting a female pen pal, I tucked the paper into my bag and waited for Mr. Larsson to continue the lesson.


Hopefully, these will leave you wanting more! As soon as I have dates of release (or they’re live if I’m feeling sneaky), you’ll be the first to know. Make sure you’re following my Facebook Page to keep up to date with everything. That’s usually the first place I post anything.

Sneak Peek Sunday – A Flawed Heart – April Emerson

Coming on 21 July 2015 from April Emerson
a new adult erotic romance
A Flawed Heart

Claire Brighton has just finished college and is abandoning her warm, southern home in favor of gritty New York City. She searches for the perfect roommate and finds Lydia Taylor. Lydia lives a life of privilege in her father’s penthouse, but like Claire, she’s ready to go out into the world on her own. Claire and Lydia rent a little apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, not far from Lydia’s older brother, Jason. Claire is intrigued by Lydia’s stories of Jason, who is the black sheep of the family—and a musician. The minute Claire hears him sing, she falls for him. Claire thrives in her new urban surroundings, treasuring her time with Jason and exploring her new found sexuality, but both Claire and Jason carry shadows with them. They’re each fighting to move on from wounds of their past, but they learn that they will need each other to do it. 

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Teaser Tuesday

As stated, this teaser hasn’t been edited, other than a look over by a pre-reader or two (Love those ladies), but I hope you enjoy it anyway!

This is from my current WIP, The One That Got Away. It’s the first of my stories that will containg scenes of a sexual nature (but not this bit).

A lack of energy throughout the rest of the day meant that neither of us moved much farther that the kitchen to make a drink or out onto the balcony for a smoke.

“You know, I remember being able to go to work for an entire day on less than four hours sleep, and then have a night in the pub.” Ang commented as I emerged from a steaming hot shower.

“Ah those were the days, back when we were young and full of stamina. Getting old sucks.” I towel dried my hair, my back hurting as I bent to reach the underside.

“Wincing a little there. Aching a bit are we?” I’d expected the teasing to happen earlier in the day. “Not as bendy as you used to be huh?”

“I’m plenty bendy I’ll have you know, but it’s not that kind of ache.” I turned around and lifted up my top to show off the scratches on my back.

“Shit. That looks painful.” I sat facing her once more, feeling a little sheepish.

“It’s not that bad; it only hurts a little . . . oh who am I kidding. It kills, but it was worth it.”

“Oh, really?” Ang leaned forward, waving her hand for me to continue talking.

“Nope. No details. I may have enjoyed myself, immensely, but I’m already beginning to feel a bit embarrassed about the whole thing.” I really was. I had never been the type of girl who had one night stands, never mind with someone I knew wasn’t available. The more I thought about it, the cheaper the whole thing became.

“Don’t you dare.” Her voice made me jump. “Don’t you dare beat yourself up about last night.”

“I’m not. . . not really.” I stood and walked out onto the balcony to light a cigarette, my thoughts in overdrive. Had I done the wrong thing by having sex with Shane? “I’m just beginning to regret my actions.”

“Why? He’s the one who’s in a relationship, not you. It’s not like you went to that party specifically to fuck him. Yeah, you wanted to show him what he’d missed out on, but that doesn’t translate to ‘jump my bones’.” I knew she was right.

“I know, I know.”

“Will you at least believe it?” I smiled at her.

“I’ll try.”

“That’s my girl.” She wrapped her arm around my shoulder and gave me a quick hug.
I had originally planned to stay in London a second night, but Ang had to pick her kids up early, so I decided to head home. I was looking forward to having a peaceful night at home alone. I was looking forward to a soak in a hot bath and relaxing in bed with a book. Ang and I made arrangements to make sure we met up more often as I loaded my things into the boot of my car.

Ang disappeared back into the block of flats as I pulled away. I stopped at the junction at the end of her street to light a cigarette and to change the CD. Seconds before I was about to start on my journey again, my phone rang. I flicked the switch on the hands-free unit to answer as I drove towards the motorway.

“Hello?” I hadn’t checked the caller display, preferring to keep my eyes on the road, rather than look at my sunshade where my phone was strapped.

“Hey Heidi.” Shane’s voice filled my car.

“Uh, hey Shane. How’s the head?” I’d managed to shift my hangover thankfully, otherwise I’d never have been able to drive.

“Yeah, not bad thanks. Listen, I was wondering if you fancy meeting for a coffee today before I leave to go home.” Images of him pressing me up against the brick wall in the alley flashed through my mind. “I promise not to ravish you against a wall.” We both laughed, something I hadn’t expected to be able to do.

“Okay. Where do you want to meet?”

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Sneak Peek Sunday – R. E. Hargrave

Coming 2014 … the highly anticipated conclusion to R.E. Hargrave’s The Divine Trilogy: Surreal
“Ms. Hargrave has a talent for weaving a story that many would consider too much and making it just right. The character development, the scenes, the emotions, it is all there.” ~Amazon Reviewer

Please enjoy this exclusive sneak peek* 
(which is safe for all readers):

“Do you want kids?”

Erin almost dropped the wooden spoon she was using to push their eggs around the pan while they cooked. Did she? Maybe as a young girl with grand visions of what her future would entail she had. However, since Dr. Ellison, Holly, had confirmed the damage to Erin’s insides, she hadn’t allowed herself to think about it.

Composing herself, she placed the spoon on the little bell pepper-shaped plate meant for such things, and turned to him. “Where’s that coming from?”

While Erin watched, Jayden reddened then looked away nervously.

“I’ve been doing some thinking since our visit with Ronnie and Steph. You’re always so good with their twins. A natural. It makes you glow in a way I can’t.”

Swoon. Desire flared within her, a bright flash of heat that settled to a low simmer while his words sank in. Was he saying he might want kids? But, she couldn’t give him that.

Holly said “Possibility,” not a definite “No.”

“What are you saying, A rúnsearc?”

When his deep brown eyes met hers again, they were filled with determination. “I want to be the one to put that kind of look on your face, Erin. More than that, though, I want to know what it is to experience that kind of happiness and contentment—with you.”

Was he kidding her with this? He was asking something beyond her physical capability. Sure, Erin, and you didn’t think you’d live to survive Spencer either. Look at you now.

“Breathe, sweet girl. I’ve got you.”

She’d started gasping for air and hadn’t realized it. Now, Jayden’s arms were wrapped around her, applying just enough pressure to make her feel safe, but not trapped.

“I’m not saying we have to. I know we have obstacles to overcome if we decide to try. Guess what I’m trying to say is—well, I just wanted you to know . . . if you want kids . . . then I do, too. We can figure the rest out.”

If you haven’t started this BDSM erotica series yet, here’s where you can get the first two books:
*This excerpt is unedited, and subject to change for final publication.

R.E. Hargrave lives on the outskirts of Dallas, TX where she prides herself on being a domestic engineer. Married to her high school sweetheart, together they are raising three children from elementary age to college age. She is an avid reader, a sometimes quilter and now, a writer. Other hobbies include gardening and a love of a music.
A native ‘mutt,’ Hargrave has lived in New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Alabama, Texas, and California. She is fond of setting her stories on location in South Carolina and Texas, but its anybody’s guess as to what the genre will be! 

Sneak Peek – Jennifer Garcia


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~ Just Rewind ~

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A Work in Progress

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Don’t you wish you could just rewind time

and go back to when things were simple,

people were unchanged,

and we still believed in fairytales?

Harlie. JustRewind

] “She fell off the swing from way up high. I saw it all. She landed on her face and says her arms hurt. She needs a doctor.” With a flurry of movement, several more adults surrounded. But my eyes kept going back to the boy’s. They were my safe place.
“What’s your name?” I asked, my breath coming out in gasps while the pain throbbed in my arms and chest.
“Francisco Javier. Yours?”
“Harlie,” I said. His hand smoothed my hair back and told me I’d be all right.
“Listen, here comes the ambulance. See, you’ll be just fine. They’ll take you to the hospital and get you fixed up.” And I replayed his words over and over as they hauled me off to the emergency room and put a cast on both of my arms.[/caption]


“Harlie, why are you here?”
Her blonde hair hung in two braids out of her straw hat. She wore a black T-shirt and a pair of painted on jeans with a pair of very worn, light brown cowboy boots. She looked beautiful and more mature. The lines on her face were more defined and less baby-like.
“My job.” She flicked her blue eyes up and I saw the moisture in them.
“Well, your job is done. Go home, there’s no need for you to come back either. I’m home now.” So much anger was built up inside me, and I just so happened to throw it at this poor innocent girl that did not deserve it at all. However, I couldn’t find it in me to stop.
“Hey, she’s more than welcome here. You can’t just come home after four years and boss us around.” Came the voice of my sister, Lupita, from behind me. She was the same age as Harlie, a year younger than me. They were thick as thieves since they started Kindergarten together.
“Fine.” I moved toward Whiskey, grabbed the curry brushes from Harlie’s hands, and stepped between her and my gelding. “There’s no need for her to be touching my horse.”
“You know, you’re an ungrateful jerk! She’s been here almost everyday since you’ve been gone taking care–”
“Lupita, come on, let’s go.” Harlie didn’t let her finish speaking and grabbed her by the arm leading her toward the main house.[/caption]

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 photo Authorpic_zps31ad6ac1.png

Jennifer Garcia’s (aka Forbes Arnone) home until she was sixteen was a small coastal town near Boston. She currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband, two sons, and two dogs.

Her lifelong love for reading and writing was put aside for many years while she made her way in the world and nurtured her young family. Even though she is older, and life never seems to settle, she’s finding her way while attending college full-time in pursuit of a B.A. in English Literature. She also runs a business, and is still caring for her family. Believing she can do it all, with the help of her family, she worked on her first novel during the late hours of the night while balancing the rest of her life during the day. Her hard work paid off, as her first novel, My Mr. Manny, was published in August 2013 and her first novella, In My Mother’s Footsteps, was published July 2013.


Sneak Peek Sunday – Angel Lawson

Sneak Peek Sunday

In Shadow BoundWraith readers met Jane Watts. Seventeen and scared. Her classmates thought she was a freak and her best friend was a ghost. With the help of the school’s resident bad boy, Connor Jacobs, she found a way to find a balance between the living in the dead, while almost losing her own life.

In Shadow Bound Jane found herself with both a real life boyfriend and best friend, but struggled with the weight of her family “gift.” As she learned more about her abilities the more she encountered the dark side of death–and what it does to the people you love.

On February 18th the Wraith Series comes to a gripping end.




These aren’t the words Jane ever expected to use to describe herself, but in the years since she first began seeing ghosts things have changed. A lot. Jane has spent the last two years losing one person after the other. Both dead and alive. But this year things will be different. She’s entering her freshman year of art school, rooming with her best friend Ava and has a new boyfriend. Oh, and she’s no longer afraid that she’s Shadow Bound with a direct connection to ghosts. In fact, she’s learned to use her abilities for her benefit.

Jane soon discovers she can’t walk away from her past. The wounds from her battle with Charlotte are deep and no matter what she tells herself, the break up with Connor weighs heavy on her heart. Balancing these emotions prove to be a weakness for her and Jane finds herself in a fight against the most dangerous spirits she’s encountered yet.


Grave Possession

The buzzing razor grazed over my ear, sending vibrations across my scalp, down to my jaw. Each pass felt like a weight being lifted.

Ava smiled from the chair next to mine, swiveling back and forth. When the next hunk of hair fell to the ground, she gave me a thumbs up. I smiled back nervously, hoping her encouragement was a good thing because I wasn’t facing the mirror and, really, why did I even think this was a good idea?

“It looks awesome,” Ava said the minute the razor snapped off. “Seriously.”

“It really does,” the stylist said. “Ready?”

“Yes,” I said. They couldn’t see my hands under the cape. They were latched to the arms of the chair, fighting off the panic, because holy crap, what had I done?

She spun my chair toward the mirror on the wall and I got the first look of my new hairstyle.

“Isn’t it amazing?” Ava asked. She stood and ran her fingers over the short-clipped hair over my ears. The rest of my hair had been pulled back in a ponytail, giving the appearance of a mohawk.

I turned my head back and forth to get the best view. I wanted something different and I got it. My hair had grown out over the last two years, since I’d cut it off in a fit of anxiety and panic. It now hung down past my shoulders to the middle of my back, but I wanted something new. Something to start off the next phase of my life.

“You look badass.” Ava’s face popped into the mirror. “Perfect for college.”

I broke into a grin, turning my head side to side, checking out the new look. The new me. “Freshman year is gonna rock.”


Phase two involved hot pink hair dye. Just a couple of streaks down the back. Ava left after the bleaching process, leaving me with four copies of People magazine and a lot of questions about who, exactly, picked the Sexiest Man Alive.

“Five minutes,” Suzie the hairdresser said, pulling the domed hair dryer over my head. She left me alone in the drying area, a room painted neon green. Everything had a sickly glow.

A shadow crossed the front window and I looked up in time to see the woman pass by again. It was her third attempt to come inside, but she obviously hadn’t gotten the hang of it yet. I lifted the dryer, ceasing the dull roar of air and said, “Suzie, do you mind if I step outside for some fresh air?”

“Hurry and be careful with the foils.”

“I will.”

I pushed open the glass door and found her waiting. A faint blue light radiated from the crown of her graying hair like a halo. Blue. Safe, but disappointing.

“Follow me,” I said to the woman, leading her around the side of the building. “I only have a minute. What’s the problem?”

She stepped forward and I held up my hand. “Don’t come any closer or I’ll leave and won’t help you. Just tell me what’s wrong.”

Helping the woman only took a couple of minutes now that I had a system.

  1. Always stay in public. It’s better to look crazy than dead.
  2. Almost all information can be found quickly on a smart phone. I no longer needed to go home to help these people pass over.
  3. Never make personal attachments to ghosts. I was no longer allowing them to hurt me emotionally or otherwise.
  4. Take my payment in full.

“You need to let go,” I told her. “It’s okay. The cancer finally won.”

“But I never got to see my grandbaby. Did my daughter have her? Is she okay?”

Ah. I glanced at my phone and went against my gut.

“Look, I never read the obituaries. It’s too depressing. But I’ll read the names of the survivors and you let me know if it’s there, okay?”

Hope lit in her faded eyes and she nodded.

“Survived by her two sons, Robert and James, and their wives—“

“It’s my daughter,” she repeated. I skipped ahead.

“One daughter, Karen, age 29, and her three granddaughters, Macy, Ariana and Bridget.”

“Bridget. That’s her.”

“Great,” I said, pushing the phone back in my pocket. “It’s time for you to move on.”

“Thank you.”

“Just one thing,” I said. “Take my hand.”

“What?” she asked, staring at my hand in confusion.

“Take it,” I said, thrusting it toward her.

Tentatively she placed her hand on mine and a surge of energy rushed through my limbs, filling the darkness and pushing the cold that had settled in my bones last year. The relief would be fleeting, but the small hit would hold me over until I could find something more substantial later.

I re-entered the salon and found Suzie waiting for me. She checked her watch. “Don’t blame me if your hair falls out,” she said.

“I won’t.” I settled into the swiveling chair, cheeks rosy in the mirror. “Let’s do this.”


Angel Lawson lives with her family in Atlanta and has a lifelong obsession with creating fiction from reality, either with paint or words. On a typical day you can find her writing, reading, plotting her escape from the zombie apocalypse and trying to get the glitter out from under her nails.

She is the author of five books, including the Wraith Series, Serial Summer, FanGirl, and Vigilant. She is the co-author of the New Adult Paranormal book, Odin’s Murder with Kira Gold. She has one other New Adult title, No Regrets, under the pen name Lila Atkinson.



*Grave Possession will be released on February 18th with a one week price of 2.99. This special price is for all of my great readers and supporters over the last three years! The price will go up (and stay) at 3.99 on February 25th.