#nano2016 – Day 2. I’m on a Roll!


Day 2 – it’s currently 09:20pm, and I’m calling it a day. Girl and Boys is still growing nicely.


As I’d set my own personal goal of 2k a day, as mention in yesterday’s post, I was determined to hit that. Early on, I was just over 1k, then I stalled for a bit. Those last 700 and something words were a bit of a struggle, but I finally hit that magic number.

Today’s word count: 2,000 (Bang on!)

Story word count: 28,206 (I can smell you, 30k)

I do believe it’s time for more episodes of How to Get Away With Murder, Season 2 as a reward!



Tomorrow needs to be as productive, as I’m out on Friday evening (May or may not be a blog post) and I’d like to be ahead by the time I start getting ready.


Here’s a tiny snippet from what I wrote today.



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