Black Ice by M.B Feeney #CinnamonTreats

I wrote a short story for SJ Warner’s Cinnamon Treats Advent!

S.J's Blog

Jake hated Christmas. As soon as the shops began to stock their gaudy decorations and playing disgustingly cheerful songs, he began to do his shopping online.

From October until January, he was a hermit. Working from home afforded him the opportunity to stay cooped up inside his pokey studio flat and not have to face the world until he was sure all remnants of the holiday were gone.

It hadn’t always been this way. Jake used to love the build up to Christmas— getting the decorations ready to put on the tree, buying and wrapping presents, and the food. For years he would get excited for those couple of days, but not anymore.

His parents worried about him, and his brother tried to get him to join in, but it was no use. For five years straight, he’d locked himself away and buried himself in his work as an IT…

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