"Must do Better"

Every single school report I ever got had that written somewhere on it. It wasn’t because I was lazy or didn’t try hard enough, but because I was a chatter and allowed myself to get easily distracted. This hasn’t changed much now that I’m an adult.

4 days into Camp, I’d managed to rework 6 chapters of the story I started during regular NaNo last November, and started to write new material for it. I managed a word count of 2,351. Then, on the 5th day (yesterday), I did absolutely nothing. The evening before, after having written over 700 words, I needed a break, so I sat down to read some books that I had won in a contest on Facebook.

Yesterday, my mother in law came to visit for the day, and I was so exhausted after walking around a shopping centre for over 4 hours, I pretty much collapsed in bed with my Kindle.

So, today I’m playing catch-up which is always fun. It’s currently 3.45pm and whilst I have been productive around the house and on my book review blog (look at page tabs at the top of this blog for a link), I haven’t written a word. Time to knuckle down and get writing because… look at my stats….

Yeah, never gonna meet my 25k target!

I also need to think of a title, as I don’t think Freedom to Fly works anymore. I SUCK at titles.


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