I’m starting to get nervous now.  The closer it gets to 1 November, the more I start to get sweaty palms.  Yep, I’ve signed up for NaNo.

If you’re unsure what NaNo is, got check out to get the low down, but in “layman’s terms”, it’s the challenge to write 50,000 words in a month.  Either the start of a novel, or a short novel in full.  I’ve never believed that I had a full length novel ‘in me’, but who knows, maybe this challenge is just what I need.

I signed up last year, but failed DISMALLY! I had too much going on with uni and what not around the house.  I think it’s a little easier this year as Himself (The other half) now is aware of my writing and the fact that it’s not that bad.  As usual, I’ll only be able to write in the evenings, but I will sequester myself off even more than usual.  I WILL conquer it this year.

If you fancy joining me and the rest of the RenRom gang, whether you are taking part in NaNo or not, use hashtag #RRPNNWM on Twitter and support us all or get added into the Skype group in which we shall be using for WCs (Writing Circles)


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